My name is Ian Leslie

My photographic art is my way of recording our world.  I feel that through my photographs I can find gems in the clutter.  When I am at peace and look around I tend to gravitate to the small parts that combine together to create the world around us.  Even when I am not actively photographing I still notice the patterns and compositions that might be.  This holds true whether I am alone in the woods finding patterns in the leaves or mushrooms, when I am waiting patiently for birds to become comfortable to my presence, when I am standing on the street corner looking at the marvels we have created or when the dance company on stage is performing in front of me.

When I am in the moment during the creative process I feel connected to my subjects and feel their strength.  My art tries to capture that clear, bright and positive feeling.  It is my desire to capture the feeling of peace or exhilaration that moved me when I was there in the moment.

When I am not practising photography my full time job is as a software developer in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.