Sunflowers at Sultan Sanctuary

Late summer in Ottawa means it is sunflower season. August 10th the Ottawa Photography Meetup group scheduled an outing to take pictures of sunflowers at the Sultan Farm Sanctuary. I didn’t notice that event was rescheduled to Thursday the 12th so I showed up by myself. I had a nice chat with a photographer who was waiting for their clients for a maternity shoot later one other Meetup member arrived as well. So, we spent the evening taking pictures anyway.

Sunflowers at Sultan Sanctuary
Captured at Sultan Sanctuary on 2021-08-10 by Ian Leslie.

Lots of creatures enjoy the sunflowers too.

Sunflowers at Sultan Sanctuary


Sunflowers at Sultan Sanctuary


Walk in Montreal’s Botanical Garden

walk in montreal's botanical garden

Two summers ago my wife and I visited our son who is going to school in Montreal. One of the things we did was spend the day on walk in Montreal’s botanical garden.

Walk in Montreal's Botanical Garden
Walk in the shade.

We enjoyed spending the day at the Botanical Garden. The walking is easy and the surroundings are pleasant. You can spend as much time as you like in each area. There is probably more to see than you can easily cover in a day. That just means you get to come back!

Big Sky Ontario

Big Sky

With everyone spending more time inside, I have been using my daily walks to look up at the sky. So, enjoy a little open sky while you are isolating at home and keeping everyone safe.

2015 Fall Challenge Competition

Earlier in October the RA Photo Club held its annual Fall Challenge Nature competition.  Each year the challenge is to spend any portion of a single 24hour period at one location and then submit 8 of your best creations to be judged in competition.  This year the location was Lac Ramsay and Trail 56 in the Gatineau Park.  I was in the area from before sun rise until 3pm in the afternoon.  I made 208 compositions with just over 600 frames (some where panoramas, HDR and focus stacking).  Here is my working selection from which I will be choosing my eight best.