Nesting Osprey at Iroquois Locks

Male Osprey takes flight

A couple of times this June I had the opportunity to photograph nesting Osprey at Iroquois Locks. These photographs are from late June when the nestlings are just visible in the nest.

Female nesting Osprey at Iroquois Locks

The female Osprey guarding her chicks.

When we first arrived neither Osprey parent was on the nest. Both parents were near by and soon the female came back to watch over her chicks.

Female osprey feeding her young

Feeding time!

At this stage in the nestling’s development their mother still feeds them. She rips chunks of fish from the catch and passes to the chicks. Sometimes she makes them pull it from her.

The male Osprey brings food to the nest for both the nestlings and his mate. Frequently the catch is headless because he has taken his share first. For many years the nesting osprey at Iroquois Locks have had success raising their young.

Male Osprey bringing fish to the nest.
Captured at Iroquois Locks on 2020-06-26 by Ian Leslie.
Nesting Osprey at Iroquois Locks

Nesting Osprey are always on the look out for danger. Here the male has spotted another male near by and he rushed back to the nest with a stick. The two parents sound a warning until the intruder moves on.