15 Best Bird Images 2017

This is a collection of my best bird images for 2017. For me 2017 was a pretty good year for bird photography.

Canadian Camera Conference 2017

I helped lead a photo outing to visit Osprey nests and Heron Rookeries. I made several scouting trips to prepare and then lead the group to two heron Rookeries and two Osprey Nests.

2017-06-26_67398_DSC_19372017-07-02 68513 DSC_3052

Best Bird Images from Mud Lake

During the year I made multiple visits to mud lake. I started early in the year and returned many times.


Kanata Pond

I found a new location in Kanata and how I found it is a funny story. I saw posts on Facebook from a local photographer that contained multiple Herons and I send them a private message asking where the photo was taken. They answered back that they did not want to share the location so as to not encourage disturbing the birds. That was a bummer. Then I thought how many ponds are there in Kanata? A Google maps search found nine candidates. I took a day and visited all of them, starting with the most remote figuring if it was such a sensitive place it had to be one hard to get to. Turns out it was the one near a busy intersection with main roads on two sides and the remainder surround by houses and next to soccer fields and children’s play structures. The whole thing has a paved trail around it and a bridge over the middle. The entire time I was at the location there was a constant buzz of traffic, constant joggers and dogs and happy children. I even had dogs off leash come up and visit with me while I was on the waters edge observing the birds. Yeah this is not a secret location that needs protecting. You can find it here: Monahan Drain

2017-09-05 69064 DSC_36062017-09-05 69161 DSC_3703

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